Regarding the shipping cost, our company has also considered and made a decision for a period of time. In the end, we chose to collect the shipping cost based on the customer's address, and ensured that we will calculate the cost strictly according to the weight and transportation distance, and will not use the shipping cost as part of our income. .

      Next, let's talk about why we choose to charge shipping according to the actual situation. The following are the reasons why we choose this plan:
1. XHDATA hopes to provide you with the most cost-effective product price. After adopting the non-free shipping plan, we do not need to include the shipping cost in the product price, so that our price will be more accurate.
2. It is more fair to all customers, because the global shipping costs are still quite different. We adopt the non-free shipping plan, customers in areas with low shipping costs only need to pay low shipping costs; customers in more remote areas need to bear reasonable shipping costs. We promise to strictly follow the quotation of the cooperative logistics company to calculate the cost according to the weight and transportation distance.

      However, we are very open to hearing suggestions from our customers around the world. You are welcome to leave us a message on this issue and participate in the discussion. If there are feasible and good suggestions, we will also refer to them.

      Of course, we have overseas warehouses in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Australia, Russia and other countries. If you are a customer in these countries, you can choose local delivery in the product attributes, and we will arrange to ship from the local warehouse Ship. If your address is not located in the above overseas warehouse, you can choose to ship from China, and we will ship the goods for you.

      No matter which solution we choose, we hope to provide our services to radio enthusiasts all over the world. Thank you for your support and recognition all the time!
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