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    NEW Tecsun GR-99 FM medium wave short wave small  hand crank radio home emergency radio

    GR - 99, with a group of no memory nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery pack, and is equipped with USB port (5 v dc input), after a full charge, can be used for about 12 hours, under normal circumstances, each group of battery charge and discharge more than 500 times, the equivalent of 250 pay of battery capacity, 2 hours per day listening to the radio, a few years, you don't have to buy batteries.


    Economic , save money for you, less pollution for the earth!


    GR-99 is equipped with emergency charging and lighting functions of hand-operated power generation, suitable for field work and pasturing area, etc., and it is not convenient to use when there is no AC power supply and it is not convenient to buy batteries.


    It is always the unforeseen.


    In case of natural disaster and other emergency situations, GR-99 can let you know the information of external rescue at any time, bringing you light and hope!

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Tecsun GR-99 pocket lithium battery pointer frequency modulated medium wave short wave power emergency radio

This is TECSUN’s emergency radio,is a hand crank radio
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