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    TECSUN PL-398MP FM Stereo/SW/MW/LW DSP World Band Radio MP3 Player

    It skillfully combines the reception circuitry & control procedure to pre-select the suspected radio station. And temporarily auto store them into the ETM memory (not the regular 550 memories). This highly enhances the efficiency when tuning into radio stations. The tuning knob has Auto Speed Changing allowing precision tuning.


    550 Station memories (100 presets for each FM / LW / MW and 250 presets for SW).

         MP3 player for you to enjoy the music(SD card, not include)

          LCD displays the Station Frequency, Signal Strength, Temperature, Battery Consumption and Clock etc.

          Digital volume control with 30 adjustable levels.

          Sleep timer function: 1-120 minutes.

          Alarm by radio: adjustable alarm stopper within 1-90 minutes, or Alarm by buzzer.

           Built-in Dual Speakers.

          Line-in socket (can be connected with other forms of media functions as a stereo Speaker)


    Product Features:

    Digital volume control with 30 adjustable levels.

    Sleep timer function: 1-120 minutes.

    Alarm by radio: adjustable alarm stopper within 1-90 minutes, or Alarm by buzzer.

    Built-in Dual Speakers.

    Line-in socket (can be connected with other forms of media functions as a stereo Speaker).


    frequency range/tuning step:

    1.FM: 64-108MHz; intelligent stepper 0.01MHz/0.1MHz

    2.shortwave (SW): 2300-21950KHz; intelligent stepper 1KHz/5KHz

    3.wave (MW):

    522-1620KHz; intelligent stepper 1KHz/9KHz

    520-1710KHz; intelligent stepper 1KHz/10KHz

    4.longwave (LW): 153-513KHz; intelligent stepper 1KHz/9KHz


    Noise limited sensitivity:

    1.FM(S / N = 30dB) than 3uV

    2.SW(S / N = 26dB) than 20uV

    3.MW(S / N = 26dB) than 1mV / m

    4.LW(S / N = 26dB) better than 10mV / m



    1.FM> 60dB (± 150KHz)

    2.SW> 60dB (BW = 3KHz, ± 5KHz)

    3.MW> 60dB (BW = 3KHz, ± 9KHz)

    4.LW> 60dB (BW = 3KHz, ± 9KHz)


    Speaker Specifications:

    Diameter 57mm, 8Ω, 250mW speaker × 2 trays


    Power supply:

    1.Batteries: Section 3 R6 (AA) batteries or rechargeable batteries(battery not included)

    2.External power supply: USB DC 5V


    Package Includes: 

    1 x PL-398MP Radio (battery not included)

    1 x Special bag

    1 x Audio cable

    1 x Stereo Earphones

    1 x English manual


    Introduction of P-398mp's ETM function

     ETM: Easy Tuning Mode

     ETM-Using the radio receiving circuit and MCU control software, pre-exclude the frequency points without radio programs, and select the frequency points of suspected radio stations. It is easy to find out the radio station programs to listen to in the future.

    As we all know, the frequency range of civil radio broadcasting and the frequency interval of broadcasting stations are usually

    FM 87108MH, frequency interval 0.1MHZ

    Medium wave 522-1620kHz, frequency interval 9kHz;

    Shortwave 17003000H, frequency interval 5kHZ.

    Theoretically, the number of frequencies allowed for radio stations in each band is

    FM 87-108MHz, the radio frequency points that can be accommodated are (108-87) ÷ 0.1=210;

    Medium wave 522-1620kHz, the radio frequency points that can be accommodated are (120522) ÷ 9=12

    Shortwave 170030000hz, the radio frequency points that can be accommodated are 300-1700÷5=5660

    [The frequency of PL-398mp's shortwave reception is (21950-2300)÷5=3930]

    Digital tuning radios are designed to receive range and frequency step interval in accordance with the above regulations. Use digital tuning radio to search for radio stations. From the low end to the high end of the frequency, 210 frequency points are searched for FM, 122 frequency points for medium wave, and thousands of frequency points for short wave.

    But in fact, for many reasons, such as preventing adjacent frequency interference, not every frequency has radio broadcasting. For example, when listening to FM broadcasts in different places, you will receive several radio broadcasts, and more radio stations will receive 60-70 radio broadcasts; another example is the distribution of the number of radio stations in the medium wave due to signal transmission. There are only a few dozen radio stations.

    Take the shortwave reception of PL-398mp as an example:

    And the frequency distribution of radio stations is almost different in the morning, in the evening. Assuming that the radio can receive only 200 radio programs, then in order to search for these 200

    You have to search for 3930 rate points, so it takes a long time to search again

    In response to the above-mentioned problems, Tecsun has developed an ETM tuning method, which uses the receiver circuit of the radio and MCU control software to pre-exclude the frequency points without radio programs, and select the frequency points of suspected radio stations (such as programs in different countries and various languages, but also Including interference signals from the local electromagnetic environment). That is to say, with the ETM tuning method, dozens to one to hundreds of suspected frequencies can be selected from thousands of frequency points, and the user can easily select from these selected suspected frequency points in future closing operations. To find out which radio station you want to listen.


    How to operate the ETM function

    To use the ETM function for the first time, you must first press and hold the ETM button to search for the full frequency of the band you are in, and select the frequency of the suspected radio station. After optimization, you can use the tuning knob to operate the tuning.

    Special note: The number and frequency distribution of suspected radio stations are different at different times, locations, and bands, especially in the short band.

    Listen to the radio in the same place with ETM method

    FM band: Just do ETM optimization once during the day, so you don't need to do ETM optimization every time. But after changing the listening location, it is recommended to do ETM again.

    Medium wave band: You can do an ETM optimization at night when there are more radio stations. But after changing the fast listening location, it is recommended to do ETM again

    Shortwave band: The ETM method is very convenient and practical to listen to shortwave broadcasts. To listen to shortwave broadcasts in ETM at different times, it is recommended to perform ETM optimization first

    In order to avoid searching for too many clutter interference signals, it is recommended that you go to the balcony or outdoor open area for ETM optimization.

    With the ETM tuning method, you will feel that listening to the radio can be so easy and fast


    Q: What is the difference between ETM and ATS?

    A: ETM and ATS are basically the same in the principle of search/storage frequency

    The signal strength threshold of the radio station during ATS search is set to be relatively high, in order to minimize the locking of non-radio frequency, too weak radio frequency that is worthless to listen to. The searched frequency will be automatically stored in the editable memory, and you can delete it at will afterwards And increase the radio frequency. After sorting the stored radio frequencies, you can easily recall the radio frequencies you want to listen to from the memory. Because of this, I believe you will not be willing to perform ATS operations at will and overwrite the radio frequency that you have worked so hard to edit and organize.

    ETM is a convenient tuning method based on frequency tuning. It has a lower threshold for search and lock. It aims to exclude those frequencies that are definitely not radio or even noisy. This mode can lock on weaker suspected radio signals. After completing ETM optimization Listening to the radio after the frequency can save your operating time and increase the life of the tuning knob. Because the convenient ETM tuning method does not provide editing functions, you can perform ETM operations anytime, anywhere without hesitation, and search again. Suspected radio frequency

    One tip: In a better listening environment, the number of radio frequencies searched by ETM and ATS may be the same, especially on the FM band. Anyway, using 1 will not lose anything. PL38mp has both ATS and ETM functions. You can repeat the operation to compare the differences.


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Tecsun PL-398 World Band Digital FM Stereo/SW/MW/LW Radio

Tecsun PL398MP DSP digital am fm lw shortwave radio with dual Speakers and  MP3 player black, it adopt DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology, greatly improve radio reception, double speaker make radio sound amazing. It also support SD card insert.
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