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  • Description

    Tecsun PL-680 FM radio portable high-performance full-band digital tuning stereo radio FM AM SW SSB Radio Receiver


    After the PL-660 went on the market, it was favoured by the majority of radio enthusiasts. Everyone spoke highly of the listening effect of PL-660; according to market surveys and customer feedback, some radio enthusiasts liked the appearance of another TECSUN PL-600 Features. Tecsun took advantage of the trend and integrated the PL-660 circuit design with the appearance characteristics of the PL-600, and improved the component layout and button layout, and launched a new product PL-680 to meet the needs of our customers.





    - Can receive FM stereo, AM, long wave, short wave, shortwave single sideband (SSB) and aeronautical communication signal band signal, high sensitivity, good selectivity, beautiful sound, easy operation


    - FM reception coverage 76-108MHz range, can receive Chinese, Western and Japanese FM radio frequencies, but also to listen to some of the domestic campus radio and TV audio


    - Shortwave single sideband (SSB) divided upper sideband (USB) and lower sideband (LSB), independent reception


    - Ability AM synchronous detection is applied, the second inverter technology, which greatly improve the reception sensitivity, selectivity and anti-mirror, adjacent channel interference


    - Features FM / SW external antenna jack, and high / medium / low sensitivity control switch 3 files, facilitates remote receiver (DX)


    - Six tuning modes: manual search radio frequency (VF), direct digital frequency input, manual search stored radio (VM), direct digital input stored radio address, the browser automatically search for radio frequency and radio frequency stored


    - Can be manual, semi-automatic (ATS) to store up to 2000 search for radio frequencies. Of which 800 are stored by the band (FM / AM / long wave / Air Band each store 100, HF / SSB each deposit 200), and the remaining 1200 frequencies can be arbitrarily categorized under 12 pages (12 x 100 )


    - High sensitivity and high quality speakers, sound good; with high / bass control switch, listen to different programs to meet the needs of timbre; audible FM stereo radio with headphones


    - Friendly interface, easy to operate, with a very useful multi-function digital adjustment knob, can be used to set the time, adjust the frequency, select the memory page and address


    - Dual regular boot function, the boot can listen to the stored radio frequency


    - Intelligent switch: You can set the power to 120 minutes after the automatic shutdown can also cancel the automatic shutdown


    - Use Section 4 R6 (on the 5th) battery-powered; the machine is with intelligent charging function


    - Comes with dedicated power adapter, external antenna, nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery, stereo headset, protective sleeve



    Special Functions:

    • AM Dual Conversion

    • Single Side Band (SSB) with BFO control

    • Synchronous Detector

    • Auto Sorting Memory

    • Air Band (VHF): For intercepting radio communication in aviation – e.g. commercial and general aviation, radio navigational aids, air traffic control. By using your PL-680's air band function, you may intercept communication between pilots and the air traffic control, but also other communication from commercial and general aviation, radio navigational aids and air traffic control.





    - Frequency Modulation (FM):76-108MHz; smart step 0.01MHz/0.1MHz

    - frequency coverage:

    - Standard:87-108MHz (for the exception of Japan, all countries other than Russia)

    - Germany:87.5-108MHz (German FTZ standards, set to display 88-108MHz)

    - Japan :76-108MHz (including the domestic part of the campus radio and TV audio channels 4-5)

    AM (MW):

    *522-1620kHz; smart step 1kHz/9kHz (for Asia, Africa and Europe)

    *520-1710kHz; smart step 1kHz/10kHz (for North America)

    *Longwave (LW):100-519kHz; smart step 1kHz/9kHz

    *Shortwave (SW):1711-29999kHz; smart step 1kHz/5kHz

    *Air Band (AIR):118-137MHz; smart step 1kHz/25kHz

    The noise limit of sensitivity:

    *Frequency Modulation (FM) (S / N = 30dB) better than 3uV

    *AM (MW) (S / N = 26dB) better than 1mV / m

    *Longwave (LW) (S / N = 26dB) better than 5mV / m

    *Shortwave (SW) (S / N = 26dB) better than 20uV

    *Single sideband (SSB) (S / N = 10dB) better than 1uV

    *Air Band (AIR) (S / N = 10dB) better than 5uV



    *Frequency Modulation (FM): better than 60dB

    *The long-wave (MW / LW): better than 45dB

    *Shortwave (SW): better than 50dB

    *FM stereo separation: better than 20dB

    *The output power (10% distortion)

    *Speaker: ≥ 450mW

    *Headset: ≥ 10mW

    *Headphone:  Diameter 3.5mm/32Ω stereo headphones

    Store channels ---2000

    Others:12pages ,each page 100,Total  is 1200.


    Package included:

    1 x TECSUN PL-680 Radio
    1 x USB Power Supply(U-600)
    1 x External Antenna
    1 x Stereo Earphone
    1 x Carrying Pouch
    1 x English User Manual
    4 x NI-MH Rechargeable Battery

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Tecsun PL-680 Radio FM Digital Tuning Full-Band FM/MW/SBB/PLL SYNTHESIZED Stereo Radio Receiver Portable Speaker Auto sleep

Can receive FM stereo, AM, long wave, short wave, shortwave single sideband (SSB) and aeronautical communication signal band signal, high sensitivity, good selectivity, beautiful sound, easy operation

- FM reception coverage 76-108MHz range, can receiv
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