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    TECSUN PL990 SSB Portable FM MW SW single sideband radio

    ● Friendly man-machine interface, easy operation

    ● Can receive FM stereo, medium wave, long wave, short wave, single sideband (SSB) communication signals

    ● The medium and short wave adopts analog high school circuit, multiple frequency conversion and modern DSP digital demodulation technology to improve the receiving sensitivity, selectivity and anti-image interference ability

    ● FM reception range 64-108MHz, suitable for global FM broadcast reception

    ● Shortwave single sideband (SSB) minimum step 10Hz, upper sideband (USB) and lower sideband (LSB) are received independently

    ● Applying synchronous detection technology to suppress adjacent frequency interference

    ● It is equipped with an external antenna socket and a high/medium/low sensitivity control switch for remote reception (DX)

    ● Independent fast and slow dual tuning structure

    ● Seven selection methods: automatic search and storage (ATS), manual search for pre-stored stations (VM), manual search for station frequencies (VF), direct input of frequency numbers, direct input of pre-stored station address numbers, automatic browsing of station frequencies, and automatic browsing of pre-stored Radio frequency

    ● Can store up to 3150 radio frequencies, divided into 25 storage pages

    ● Can be inserted into the card to play, support 16bit/44.1kHz WAV, FLAC, APE, WMA and MP3 format audio files, can continue to play

    ● Can be used as a computer speaker

    ● Using class AB power amplifier and ultra-dynamic full-range speakers, beautiful sound

    ● Headphone output, suitable for stereo headphones below 300 ohm

    ● Audio output, can be connected to an amplifier or recorder

    ● It has the functions of timing boot and sleep automatic shutdown

    ● Use 18650 lithium battery for power supply, with USB smart charging function

    ● Supplied with 1 18650 lithium battery, leather case, external antenna, HiFi stereo headset, USB charging/data cable

    ● Physical size: width 198 × height 120 × thickness 38 (mm)

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TECSUN PL990 Portable FM medium wave short wave single sideband radio

TECSUN PL990 Portable FM medium wave short wave single sideband radio

This radio only have chinese manual

● Friendly man-machine interface, easy operation
●Can receive FM stereo, medium wave, long wave, short wave, single sideband (SSB) communicati
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