What is your evaluation of SIHUADON R-108?

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   Let's take a look at the features of SIHUADON R108:

    Small size:
    SIHUADON R-108 is small in size, only 190g in bare metal. I believe that you can carry it out very easily, and its functions can meet most of your daily needs.

    Good sound quality:
    Although the r108 speaker is only an inch in diameter, its sound quality is excellent. The sound of the radio is clear and smooth, and you can enjoy the process of listening to the radio very well.

    Receiving band:
    The signal of r108 is very sensitive and supports AM FM SW LW AirBand. At the same time, the antenna can be rotated 360 degrees, which is convenient for receiving signals from various angles.

    Can store 500 radio stations:
    SIHUADON R-108 supports storage of 500 radio stations, at the same time, r108 save/delete radio stations is easy to operate, you can store your favorite radio stations as you like.

           In addition, we also collect comments from buyers around the world on the website, and most buyers commented that the FM performance of the R-108 is very good. At the same time, it is suggested that if you want to receive short wave, it is a good choice to use an external antenna, which will improve the reception effect.

          If you are interested, please click the link to see it:

      1. SIHUADON R-108 
      2. XHDATA AN-80 Antenna.

          Thanks for your reading!! If you have other questions about R-108, please leave a message and we will discuss together.


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