• XHDATA AN-80 FM/Shortwave Antenna!

    XHDATA AN-80 FM/Shortwave Antenna!
    XHDATA AN-80 Shortwave Reel Antenna is an external antenna designed to improve radio signal reception, particularly for FM and shortwave frequencies. It is commonly used with portable radios and receivers to enhance their performance in capturing distant or weak radio signals. Here's some information about this antenna: 1.Design XHDATA AN-80 Antenna features a compact and lightweight design, making it suitable for portable radios. It consists of a telescopic whip antenna that can be extended or retracted to adjust its length...

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  • How to Choose a Best Portable Radio for you?

    How to Choose a Best Portable Radio for you?
    There are many factors involved in choosing a best portable radio that suits you.

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  • What is your evaluation of SIHUADON R-108?

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    What is your evaluation of SIHUADON R-108?
       Let's take a look at the features of SIHUADON R108: Small size: SIHUADON R-108 is small in size, only 190g in bare metal. I believe that you can carry it out very easily, and its functions can meet most of your daily needs. Good sound quality: Although the r108 speaker is only an inch in diameter, its sound quality is excellent. The sound of the radio is clear and smooth, and you can enjoy the process of listening to...

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