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FM AM SW LW AIRBAND SSB RDS Portable Radio. Adopts DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technique, high-frequency analog, medium-frequency circuit, various frequency conversion, highly improves the receiver sensitivity, selectivity and anti-image interference capability
D-808 has high sensitivity, good selectivity, wide acceptance range, can store up to 500 radio frequencies, with temperature display, alarm clock function, etc. In the same price radio, it is definitely your first choice for cost performance!
D-808 Introduction video
 D-808 Introduction video

Radio accessories

Including spare battery, radio battery back cover, antenna, knob, charger for various regions, radio bracket...

D-808 knob

( PL-600 / PL-660 / PL-680)

UK Adapter

PL-880/PL-990 Radio

EU AC/DC Adapter

PL-680 PL-660 PL-600 R-9700DX

U-600 USB

( PL-600 / PL-660 / PL-680)

Fantastic companion for all radios!
Why choose XHDATA AN-80 External Antenna?

*AN-80 external antenna highly improve the reception quality of FM SW Band. *No additional power supply is required. Lightweight. Portable design, quick setup. *Combining TECSUN's AN-03 and AN-05 usage methods, buying an AN-80 can replace AN-03 and AN-05, suitable for all types of radios. *Extra long antenna length: 7M = 700CM =23 Feets Recommendations for using an external antenna: 1.The height and position of the antenna: Provide more air and space, which is very helpful to improve the shortwave reception. Keep it away from the power line and telephone line as it will distort your receiving mode. 2.The length of the antenna: It is recommended that you set the length of the antenna to a multiple of half the wavelength of the frequency band you are listening to, and you will get better results

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XHDATA was established in 2015, X stands for infinite, H stands for happy, DATA stands for data, "XHDATA" means infinite storage of happy moments, the main is committed to the independent research and development, design and sales of radio broadcasting products.

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