Main warehouse is in China, which is the warehouse with the most inventory and the most models.
Overseas warehouse, in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, USA, Japan, Canada, Australia.

Dear friends, we have cooperative courier service providers, so we do not accept the transportation service provider designated by the customer, please rest assured, we will choose a faster and safer carrier for you.

Express Carrier Delivery Time
Fee Ship from China Depends On Weight;
Overseas Warehouse Free Shipping
Ship From US USPS
3-7 days
UK Amazon Shipping (UK) 1-3 days
Amazon Shipping
FRANCE Amazon Shipping
Amazon Shipping (UK)
1-3 days
DHL Parcel (PL)
1-6 days
CANADA Amazon Shipping + Amazon MCF 1-3 days
SPAIN Amazon Shipping (IT) 1-3 days


Delivery time

  • Under normal circumstances, we will ship within 48 hours of your order. And your package's tracking number will be updated at your order within 48 hours of shipping.
  • You can refer to the following information for the transportation time, but the actual transportation effect is based on the actual situation of the local logistics.

1. Ship from China (shipped from China, can be delivered to a wide range of countries in the world)

    • North America: 7-12 days
    • South America: 21 - 35 days
    • EU: 6-14 days
    • Europe (except EU countries): 20-35 days
    • Russia: 10 - 21 days
    • Australia: 7 - 20 days
    • Asia: 7 - 15 days
    • Africa: 14 - 30 days




      Package tracking query URL


      2. Ships from the UK (Only ship to the UK)

        • Shipping time: 2-7 days
        • Carrier: Amazon Logistics


          3. Ship from Germany (Ships to Germany, France, Italy, Spain)

            • Shipping time: 2-7 days
            • Carriers: Amazon Logistics, DHL


              4. Ships from France (Only ship to France)

              • Shipping time: 2-7 days
              • Carrier: Amazon Logistics


              5. Ships from Italy (Only ship to Italy)

              • Shipping time: 2-7 days
              • Carriers: Amazon Logistics, Poste Italiane


              6. Ships from Spain ( Ship to Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark,
              Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia )


              7. Ships from Russia (Only ship to Russia)

              • Shipping time: 2-7 days
              • Carrier: IML


              8. Ships from the US (Only ship to the US)

              • Shipping time: 2-9 days
              • Carriers: USPS, UPS, Amazon Logistics


              9. Ships from Japan (Only ship to Japan )

              • Shipping time: 2-5 days
              • Carrier: ヤマト Transportation


              10. Ships from Canada (Only ship to Canada )

              • Shipping time: 3-6 days
              • Carrier: AMZN


              11.  Ships from Australia (Only ship to Australia)

              • Shipping time 1-6 days
              • Carrier: AU Post


              *The final transportation time depends on the local transportation logistics, etc. The time provided above is the transportation time under normal circumstances.

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