XHDATA D-109 is a new radio that will release in 2023. XHDATA D-109 can receive FM/LW/MW/SW Global Band. The sound quality is good, and it has FM stereo, wireless Bluetooth and other functions. D-109 radio is a very suitable radio speaker for daily use.

Main features:

【Product Features】XHDATA D-109 radio, including FM stereo SW MW LW DSP portable world band, ATS, AM/SW optional bandwidth, press the button direct frequency input, with alarm clock sleep time, battery power, screen lock, wireless Bluetooth function , 12/24 time system switching, etc.

【Configuration】High-quality materials and components enable the XHDATA D-109 output to perform well in all broadcasts including voice and music. Backlit LCD screen for easy night use. 365° extend the antenna to increase the received signal and bring a better listening experience. Use 18650 battery, stronger battery life, and lower interference to the band. XHDATA D-109 has excellent sound quality, FM stereo, very suitable for daily listening to the radio, satisfying your listening experience.

【Automatic Tuning Storage】: The XHDATA D-109 radio not only has a manual search mode. It also has an Auto-Tuning Memory (ATS) mode. Fully automatic scanning memory. Long press the corresponding frequency band key to automatically scan and memorize the radio frequency.

【Power supply】 XHDATA D-109 power supply includes 18650 battery, external 5V DC power supply, and USB type c charging cable.

Frequency Range:

FM: 64-108 MHz/76-108 MHz

87-108 MHz / 87.5-108 MHz

LW: 153-513KHz (9K)

AM: 522-1620KHz(9K) / 520-1710KHz(10K)

SW: 1711-2999KHz (5K)

Memory radio frequency

FM: 100 pcs

LW: 100 pcs

AM: 100 pcs

SW: 300 pcs



Please continue to pay attention to XHDATA Official Website for the specific release date. 

XHDATA D-109 is in pre-sale on XHDATA Official Website:



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