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The DX Competition hosted by XHDATA is hosted on the XHDATA Fun Page in Facebook!
< Deadline - September 1, 2023 >
Calling all radio lovers or listeners!
Our DX competition celebrates the magic of radio listening. Tune in, explore frequencies and unlock the fascinating world of transmissions. Get ready for an unforgettable radio adventure!

We value the incredible support and passion you bring to our community. As a token of our appreciation, we're happy to announce our new initiative: Random Giveaways! Xhdata Radio FUN PAGE XHDATA/SIHUADON D-808 Radio

Here's how it works: Remember that every post has a chance of being picked, so be creative, informative, and most of all, have fun. We will randomly select some of the best, highest quality posts from the XHDATA FUN page to receive our gift of <Battery; Antenna; Charger; Radio; >. We can't wait to see what you share next!
-How to share your interesting stories? !
1. Click on the link
< XHDATA DX Contest Talk Page >
2. Create your report and post it at the event!
(1) Create a broadcast reception report post on the page in the link for any broadcast you hear - using any broadcast (not just XHDATA broadcasts) - with video and pictures.
(2) The reception report should include the following:
     Time (UTC time):
     Station location:
     Distance from your location to the station:
     Program Details:
     Your recipients:
     Your antenna:
(3) Publish as many reception reports as possible. Reception reports are as creative as possible. - Add pictures, videos, maps and more.

Looking forward to your review! !

NOTE: Random giveaway is subject to terms and conditions. Visit the XHDATA FUN page on Facebook for full details on giveaways, eligibility and how to get involved.


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